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DeepCodecGuru always spreads the educational information like anythings in hope to assist learners. Dedicated to ensure right of Information to all. Creating peer-to-peer networks.


DeepCodecGuru helps every learner to collect sufficient Information through WhatsApp, Telegram, Email & Phone Call. Helping Learners is our passion, we always welcome the Learner enquiry.


DeepCodecGuru tries to motivate Learners all the time by sharing experiences. We help Learner to get some motivation, act according and take themselves to next level.

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a sensible person with helping nature, always searching for tasks.

Phone: +91 911 7948968


a smart Enigeer who always looks for a chance to get rock and learn.

Phone: +91 628 1773664


a very talented girl with high dedication towards responsibility.

Phone: +91 901 0111516



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